What’s It Going to Take to Wake People Up?

Since early 2011 I have been sending emails, making phone calls, having meetings, and utilizing social media, to try to raise awareness of the increasing prevalence of ticks, Lyme disease (and all the other things ticks can carry), in Nova Scotia and Canada.

During this time I have been met with everything from fear to skepticism and downright rudeness. Numerous times I have asked myself why can’t others see what I am seeing. The information that I am reading is readily available to all. I include links to a lot of it when I try to educate folks. I limit the information that I post about to ensure that everything is from reputable sources. I also like to utilize government information as much as possible. Therefore, why is it so hard for others to grasp the gravity of the issue of tick borne diseases in this country?

I can supply links to information that advises that the present testing has specificity and sensitivity limitations. I can provide information on the various infections that have now been found in Canada. I can give you information on the variety of symptoms that are possible. I can even provide you with research that suggests that it’s not just black-legged ticks that we have to worry about.

There are a smattering of people, all across Canada, that have been speaking out about what’s going on in this country with regard to tick borne diseases. Why are so few people speaking up when I know firsthand, because I have spoken to many of them, that there are thousands of people that have dealt with or are dealing with this issue all across the country.

Tick borne diseases are no longer hard to get and easy to treat! They are no longer just in specific areas. Although there are areas where larger numbers have been found, disease carrying ticks can be just about anywhere.

It is hoped that 2017 will be a year of change. That people will start to become better informed and more VOCAL about what is going on with regard to tick borne diseases in this country. That people will finally find their voice and that politicians and those in the medical community (that would have you believe that Lyme is rare and hard to get), FINALLY have to face up to the truth.

Lyme is not rare! Lyme is not hard to get! Lyme is not easy to treat – especially if you do not see the tick or a rash and you don’t get treated for days, weeks, months or even years after the bite!

Think about it! Do you want to have to go through what thousands of Canadians are going through? Of course not! It’s time to get VOCAL!


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