Lyme Disease Awareness Month Suggestions

We are once again coming up to May which has historically been known as Lyme Disease Awareness Month, although ticks can be active any time temperatures are above freezing. May is generally when Proclamations are made, buildings are lit up lime green, and any marches or awareness events are usually held.

This May, a suggestion has been made to tie a lime green ribbon around a tree (or post) fronting your property, that would be visible from the street. This is an easy way to raise awareness and show how many people are either dealing with Tick-borne diseases, or are concerned about them. Your local Dollar Store probably has lime green ribbon and merchandise that you can display for the month of May. You may also be able to find green outdoor lighting at your local hardware store that would help set the scene. Photos should be taken and posted on whatever social media platforms that you are on. For areas with a high concentration of cases, and hopefully showing a lot of lime green, a Facebook live video, or a call to local news organizations, would also help show the level of concern and provide much needed awareness.

Unfortunately, there has been very little press/awareness in Canada about ticks and Tick-borne diseases over the last year, or so. This is probably due to COVID, but could also be due to any number of things, such as health groups in Canada still believing that Lyme is rare, hard to get, and easy to treat.

Another suggestion that was made for May is to fly a kite for Lyme. Many of us feel like our health care professionals want to say “Go Fly a Kite” because they don’t want to deal with us. Now it’s time to do so. Make, or buy, a lime green kite and get ready to fly it somewhere near you. Again, make sure you take a photo, video, or whatever to share far and wide on social media. Hopefully, once COVID restrictions allow in Nova Scotia, we can have a “gathering” of sorts on a beach or in a large park, but we would still want others to participate wherever they are located. We are presently investigating a bulk purchase of lime green kites so once I have more information I will let folks know. This may be something that waits until next year when, hopefully, COVID has gone.

We need to start being seen and these are two fairly easy ways to do so, but any show of support during May, whether it is wearing lime green, posting awareness information, or anything, is helpful. If even one person is educated, that is one less that has to go through what thousands of Canadians are going through.

I also want to note that, in Nova Scotia, there will be a number of municipal units proclaiming May as Lyme Disease Awareness Month and providing information on ticks and tick-borne diseases. If you see something on-line, please make a positive comment of thanks. We need everyone to realize that in many places ticks are not rare, tick-borne diseases are easy to get, and treatment can be VERY problematic.

The chatter that I have seen on social media so far this year indicates a very bad year for ticks, at least in Nova Scotia. Awareness and prevention are key!

Stay safe!

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