What IF?

I can’t be the only person that has raised some of the following questions!

What IF all the “new” auto-immune illnesses with overlapping symptoms are really only one illness with a “spectrum”? Via wikipedia – A spectrum is a condition that is not limited to a specific set of values but can vary infinitely within a continuum.

What IF the spirochete that has apparently been here longer than man himself is the root of many of our present day illnesses – http://oregonstate.edu/ua/ncs/archives/2014/may/amber-discovery-indicates-lyme-disease-older-human-race?

What IF more money was spent on research of the bacteria to find a better way to detect? What IF we are spending what little research dollars we have looking at the wrong things? What IF we stopped trying to figure out what to call chronically ill people and start to try and figure out what exactly is wrong with them? What IF we stopped trying to treat individual symptoms and find out the actual cause?

What IF?

What IF finding out a way to totally eliminate the spirochete before it ends up in a vector and transmitted to a rodent, mammal, etc., could be accomplished?

What IF we are looking at this all wrong?

Lyme and other vector borne illnesses/diseases are interesting – at least to me. There is so much we know but there is even more that we need to learn. WHY, if spirochetes have been around for seemingly forever, do we know so little?

HOW do we shift the discussion from Lyme and tick borne diseases to the spirochetes themselves? HOW do we stop this constant bickering amongst Doctors with different beliefs and finally get them to look at the big picture?

WHAT is holding us back on learning all that we can about spirochetes? Take away all the names of the various illnesses with over-lapping symptoms and what do we have?

The spirochetes have been around a LONG time! Lots of research has been and is being undertaken in other countries! Why do we not have one central spot where we are all working together to ensure no overlapping research?

Why are we still at a stage where we are calling this “emerging”? The disease with the new name “Lyme” may be “emerging” but the spirochetes themselves, well, not so much! Therefore, take away the labels until we can figure this all out! Or, if you really need a label, call it “Spirochete Disease” or, better yet, “Spirochete Spectrum Disorder/Syndrome” as there are varying levels of illness.

There are apparently several types of spirochetes and spirochetes have apparently been found during autopsies of people that were diagnosed with things like Alzheimer’s, ALS, MS, etc. We apparently found out about Lyme carditis due to autopsies. What more could be found IF we were actually looking for it?

My head is spinning! So many questions and not nearly enough answers! There has been research to suggest that “Lyme” can be sexually transmitted! There has been research to suggest that “Lyme” can cause miscarriages! There has been research that “Lyme” can kill! There has been research to suggest “Lyme” can be transmitted by a variety of vectors!

What is it going to take to effectively move this issue forward such that it receives the attention, urgency  and necessary funding required?

What IF we ALL took this seriously!