There Is Lower Cost Help for the “Rich Man’s” Illness

The last few Lyme Support Group meetings that I have held via Zoom reminded me how many people are suffering in this province. There were new people at the last three and listening to their stories made me want to cry. I don’t know how any health care professional can listen to these people and not want to help, in any way that they can. I only wish I could do more to help but we are at a standstill right now due to COVID. They cannot leave the province for treatment and there are very few health care practitioners in this province (or country) with a good handle on Tick-borne diseases. As far as I know, none of them are accepting new patients.

Unfortunately, many cannot afford most of the “alternative” treatments for Lyme and Tick-borne diseases that are presently available. The alternative/complementary health care field is not cheap and is generally out of pocket. Although there is some financial assistance available, most of the people without hefty savings accounts, or other means, are left to their own devices. Most are getting steadily sicker and losing hope.

Fortunately, there are a few things people can do that do not cost a lot and should help build up the immune system to help fight any illness:

  • Dietary Changes – It is generally recommended to eat as “clean” as possible. No processed foods. Limit or remove sugar. No artificial sweeteners. Gluten may become an issue. Limit or remove dairy. Red meat may cause gastrointestinal issues for some. Caffeine and alcohol should be avoided. 
  • Garlic – Rumour has it that ticks don’t like the smell of garlic. It has actually been used by pest control companies by spraying it on the perimeters of lawns in an effort to keep them off. I have been told by some that eat garlic regularly that they have never found a tick on themselves, even when they spend a considerable amount of time outdoors. Hmmm  –  “Garlic Can Fight Chronic Infections” –
  • Vitamin D Supplementation – There is mixed info regarding this one. Although nobody seems to be against supplementation, there is a lot of variety regarding how much, and who needs it. Do your research and consider getting your levels checked by your doctor prior to adding.
  • Thymus Tapping – I go to an Energy Healer who recently told me about this. She said if you do it just as you are starting to feel a cold coming on you can stop it in its tracks. It actually worked for me. You can do it other times as well. She suggested you tap counter clockwise around the Thymus area and then tap clockwise.
  • Energy Healing – I have tried this myself over the last few years with varying results. I have always gone to the same Energy Healer as she came highly recommended and I have experienced improvements each time, some visits more than others. As is the case with just about every alternative/complementary health care provider, Energy Healers are not created equal. They all have different training and some may not be as reputable as others. Always do your research.

There are many more things out there that people have tried. Something that works for one, may not work for another. Some may interact with other things that you are doing so do your research and ask questions.

Lyme and tick-borne diseases seems to be a very individualized illness. There doesn’t seem to be anything that works for everybody. Listen to your body and only do what YOU can do. Please don’t compare yourself with anyone. We are all different.

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