The Endocrinologist was a Bust

In my previous post I mentioned that I was going to see an Endocrinologist. While I didn’t hold out much hope since I had seen the same one a few years ago, I didn’t expect it to be a total waste of time. Unfortunately, that’s what it ended up being.

As soon as I entered her office, the first thing I noticed was the big poster on the wall with the brand name Synthroid on it! I may as well have just gotten up and left the office then and there. Instead I wasted about an hour of my (and her) time.

At the end of our discussion, she basically said that she didn’t think my thyroid was causing my symptoms and to investigate other things like my diet, my sleep habits (sleep apnea?), etc. As if I hadn’t tried just about everything that I could over the 16 or so years of being on Synthroid!

Fortunately, I received a comment to my last post (thanks Sue) directing me to someone that I finally saw this week. After a very informative meeting, I left with an at-home test to do and will hopefully have some results in a week or two. Here’s hoping that some good information comes out of it and I can finally move forward on some treatments.

One thing that has become very obvious to me is that those that become the most severely ill after a tick bite end up with a considerable number of other things wrong with them due, I guess, to where the bacteria ends up going in your body and what systems had already been strained.

If I was younger, I would seriously consider becoming a researcher or at least someone that is looking at the issue of Lyme and co-infections and how it affects every individual differently. I don’t know how anyone can believe that the same treatment works for everyone! I have yet to see two people with the exact same symptoms if not diagnosed and treated immediately upon a tick bite!

It just doesn’t make sense!


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