Alternative Treatments?

I am now going into an area where some are afraid to tread! Alternative treatments and therapies.

There are a lot of people trying a lot of different things for tick borne diseases. Some are using them along with antibiotics and others are using them instead of antibiotics.

Unfortunately, some of these things looked and sounded totally kooky – in my humble opinion – until I started trying a few. The first thing I tried was an Energy Healer. I was given the name of an Energy Healer by a friend who used her while dealing with cancer. Doctors said to her that they didn’t know what she was doing but to keep doing it as she has now been cancer free for many years and attributes it mostly to this particular Energy Healer. I added “this particular Energy Healer” as they are not all created equal!

Prior to seeing Dorothy King I was spending a considerable amount of time in bed. I was always fatigued. I had head pressure/pain. I had too many symptoms to mention here! I saw Dorothy once in late July or early August of 2011, prior to my first appointment with Dr. Boucher. About two weeks after seeing Dorothy, I was on a bicycle on the Rails to Trails near my cottage. One day of vacation I biked with my daughter from our cottage in Gold River to Chester where we were met by my husband and son for lunch and driven home. Two days later, my daughter and I biked in the other direction to Mahone Bay. Again we were met for lunch and driven home. Both of these bike rides were approximately two hours long (if my memory serves me correctly). Although I was tired, I felt pretty darn good! The ONLY thing I did different was go see Dorothy – ONCE! I was hooked!

Dorothy was out of commission for about six weeks after my session (she had a heart attack) but as soon as she was back to good health I started going to her as regularly as possible. Usually once a week, but sometimes once every couple of weeks or whenever she made it into Bedford where she worked out of my friend’s house.

Dorothy would be the first to admit that she isn’t what you would call a regular Energy Healer. Although she teaches Reiki to others, that is not exactly what she does when working on others. She is an Ordained Minister. She has had Native American training. She has some medical training (to fully understand the workings of the body). She has considerable other training as well. In other words, not your basic Energy Healer. She utilizes all of her training when working on an individual.

I went into Energy Healing with a fair amount of hesitation. However, I am now sold on it – or at least Dorothy. I have not gone to anyone else other than one quick session with a friend that also has what I would call “gifts”. Dorothy works for me and even if it is as more of a confidant and stress reliever, which I don’t think it is totally, but is certainly an aspect of it, then I will do it as long as I can. She also doesn’t charge a ridiculous fee. When asked, she just says pay what you can. I know of one person that she didn’t charge at all as he wasn’t able to work.

Dorothy would be the first one to tell you that she can’t help everyone. First, you do have to be open to the idea and go more than once, if at all possible. Secondly, some people are too far along in their decline. However, if someone is too far along, she is able to make them somewhat comfortable.

Along with Dorothy, I have also incorporated oil-pulling into my daily routine. I have been doing it for over two years. I don’t know if oil-pulling does all that some articles says it does but my teeth look whiter, feel cleaner, and my gums are better AND my sinuses are not as much of a problem. That’s enough for me to continue on with it! I have been using Extra Virgin, Cold-Pressed, Coconut Oil but there are other oils that you can try such as sesame. I am actually thinking of trying a different oil to see if there are any differences experienced as apparently the original oil-pulling oil was either sesame oil or sunflower oil.

I oil-pull first thing in the morning for twenty minutes but some people need to work up to that. I actually don’t mind it as I do it while on Facebook, playing a computer game, or even having a shower. I spit it out in the compost bin or into a paper towel which I put in the trash (if no compost bin available). Some instructions suggest you rinse with water, or a water & salt combo, or brush teeth immediately after, or a combination thereof. Lots of articles out there on oil-pulling but not a lot of research. Of the research that is out there, most of it is using sesame oil so do a bit of reading and figure out what works for you. From what I have read, it can’t hurt you, unless you have an issue with coconut, so then try one of the other oils.

I have also read quite a bit about the use of various herbs and supplements when dealing with tick borne diseases. There is actually at least one Lyme protocol that is herb based and that is the “Buhner Protocol” – Most of the herbs recommended in this protocol are available in Canada so many shop around to see if the cost can be reduced. Although I have not tried this particular protocol, I have occasionally added things like Artemisinin, Resveratrol, and Samento with varying degrees of success. I have been taking Vitamin D and Magnesium regularly for several years now and recently added Halibut oil (on my Mother-in-law’s recommendation). She is 87 and the only thing she took for years was the Halibut Liver Oil. She lives alone. Still drives (during the day). Plays bridge once or twice a week. She is generally in pretty darn good health!

I have also incorporated a smoothie into a fairly regular routine. Usually four or five times a week. That smoothie includes things like chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp hearts, blueberries, goji berries, a veggie powder, coconut water (or unsweetened almond milk but that makes it thicker than I like). I just started adding turmeric to my smoothie which requires black pepper and an oil to make it work better. I was using coconut oil but am going to change that up as well to perhaps a fish oil.

Another alternative treatment I tried was acupuncture. There is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor that practices acupuncture in my community. The crazy thing is she is actually from Newfoundland! I felt almost euphoric after my first session. It was very strange. The following sessions did not have that same feeling afterwards but I certainly saw improvements in various areas, including with peri-menopausal symptoms. Bonus!

After I was seeing her for a few months, I started providing her with information on Lyme disease and tick borne diseases. She knew that was what I thought I was dealing with from the very beginning but we hadn’t talked about it much. She is now seeing other patients dealing with tick borne diseases and has been helping as much as possible. I found that the acupuncture helped quite a bit initially but I hit somewhat of a plateau so I took a break. I hope to start back soon!

Again, acupuncture was not something that I had ever given any thought to prior to my clinical diagnosis for tick borne diseases. Dr. LeRoy at BAIDU TCM in Bedford was actually recommended to me by Dorothy King so I checked her out. Very glad that I did! However, I have to reiterate that, again, not all acupuncturists are created equal. The combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor and acupuncturist appears to be a good one!

My husband has a client that lives in Austria that has taken an interest in tick borne diseases. He also suggested acupuncture to me as he advised that it is used quite extensively in Europe for tick borne diseases. Many areas are significantly ahead of us when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of tick borne diseases. Areas of Europe, in particular, seem to be quite a bit more advanced. Apparently, quite a few people use a lab in Germany for blood tests and also go to Germany for treatment.

It is unfortunate that many people cannot be diagnosed and treated in their own country, but it is what many have had to do in their search for better health. I continue to keep my options open and do research to see if there is a better road for me to travel. Managing my symptoms, as I am doing now, doesn’t always work. There are good days, and bad. However, I can function better than many in the same situation as me and I attribute that to many of the alternative treatments that I am doing.

One thing that is obvious, EVERYONE presents differently when dealing with tick borne diseases. Is this due to the different things that the tick could have been carrying? Where the tick bit you on your body (where the spirochetes end up first)? How your overall health was when bit? How early you treat? How you treat? LOTS of research still required!

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